Damian Stewart

interdisciplinary creative engineer

Light, speaker, analog electronics, plexiglas (edition of 20)
Now We Know is a plexiglas box that switches sequentially between three states: a pulse of blue light that gradually fades away, a short pulse of sound, and contemplative silence.

These three states are repeated, in this same sequence, endlessly. The endless nature of the repetition implies a cause-and-effect cycle at work, each state causing the following state. Each individual work in the edition has its own timing pattern and adjustable tuning, and in the combination of multiple singular works, patterns emerge between the lights, between the sounds, and within both light and sound together. Due to differing perceptive capabilites and predispositions, these patterns are perceived differently by each observer.

An edition of 20 was produced and sold during ARTmART 2010, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna.

Now We Know follows on from the Luciolinae series of installations that were exhibited during 2010 at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Galerija Kapelica in Ljubljana, and Gazebo (as Art in Public Space) in Vienna. These works are based on studies of perception, especially regarding particular patterns in artifical constructs giving rise to the impression of organic life and behaviour.

Production of the boxes was completed at Happylab, Vienna.

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