Damian Stewart

interdisciplinary creative engineer

wind/leaves, software, camera, loudspeakers
Wind sonifies movement in the viewer's visual environment in a way that heightens visual awareness.

Each presentation of Wind takes the form of a temporary intervention, constructed around a site-specific visual environment of objects that are moving in the wind, such as a tree or a field of tall grass. A video camera records images of this visual environment. The images are directed through a digital processing system that extracts fields of motion and mathematically transforms these into fields of sound. The fields of sound are in turn reproduced through loudspeakers placed within the original environment.

Heard and seen together, the sound fields and visual environment form a tight cybernetic feedback loop. The sound fields guide and enhance the viewer’s visual experience, focusing their visual attention toward particular kinds of visual motion. This strengthened visual experience guides and enhances the viewer’s sonic experience, focusing their sonic attention toward particular kinds of sonic motion. This feedback loop creates a strong interconnection between the visual and the sonic within the mind of the viewer, leading to momentary states of complete attention to the different senses, and an overall heightened awareness of the beauty that is present.

Artistic and Technical Description (pdf)

Wind has been exhibited in 2008 at O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal and in 2009 at the 6th aDA Symposium, Wellington, New Zealand.

Following a grant from NetzNetz/Wien Kultur in 2011, a battery powered vision processing module incorporating an amplifier was developed, which allows exhibition in any outdoor environment.

Made with openFrameworks and Pure Data, with production completed during a New Interfaces for Performance residency.

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