Damian Stewart

interdisciplinary creative engineer

software, projection on 6m wide relief map table
Amsterdam Metropol 2040 is an interactive data visualisation showing projected traffic and public transport for Amsterdam in the year 2040.
electromagnetic sensors, software, loudspeakers
Waves to Waves to Waves visualises and sonifies ambient electromagnetic energy.
3D printed binocular device, computer, custom software, custom hardware
The Artvertiser is a hardware device and software platform for replacing billboard advertisements with art in real-time.
architectural lighting, software, loudspeakers
Lights On! was a performance and permanent installation for the facade of the new Ars Electronica museum.
wind/leaves, software, camera, loudspeakers
Wind sonifies movement in the viewer's visual environment in a way that heightens visual awareness.
wood, aluminium, electronics
A fully self-contained wood+aluminium enclosure to exhibit LIA's artwork Rain for the exhibition medien.kunst.sammeln ( at Kunsthaus Graz.
LED lights, electronics, software, loudspeakers
Luciolinae is an installation of entities, made of light and sound, whose only functions seems to be to communicate amongst themselves.
Light, speaker, analog electronics, plexiglas (edition of 20)
Now We Know is a plexiglas box that switches sequentially between three states: a pulse of blue light that gradually fades away, a short pulse of sound, and contemplative silence.
analog electronics, LED lights
Now They Know is an installation of 45 lights that pulse in repeating patterns, investigating the ways we perceive rhythm and relationships between events and entities.
iOS application
KaleidoVision applies various kaleidoscope-style visual effects to videos.
software, iPhone
During a 3-month residency in the Austrian alps I created around 10 scenes for the RjDj platform on the iPhone.
iOS application
GogoParis/GogoLondon are travel guides with heavily customised UI and Google Docs backend.
LED lights, computer vision tracker, software, loudspeakers
Sounds Like Light, Lights Like Sound is a space for playful interaction with abstract sound and light.